About the Business

Hanna's Maple Syrup is a first generation family-run maple operation located in Auburn, Ontario.  It all started when Jeremy was 14 years old and decided he wanted to pursue the adventures of maple syrup production.
He looked to his parents for some help to get started. With just a few buckets and spile's his passion was born. In the syrup community people often joke that syrup production gets in your blood and once it does there is no turning back, this wasn't any different for Jeremy.  
    Fast forward 23 years and this passion has turned into profession (and added a few more people to the team). Jeremy quickly ditched the traditional way of harvesting maple syrup (buckets and spile's) and turned to the more innovative systems of pipeline with a vacuum system. With almost 10,000 taps spanning across four different woodlots Hanna's Maple is continually striving to produce top quality products with innovation and sustainability in mind.
 We look forward to providing you with premium maple products!